21, The Movie (Review)

21 is an American movie that was released in 2008, and was directed by Robert Luketic. The story is basically about events that were inspired by a real occurrence, in which the MIT Blackjack Team set up a con on a casino based establishment. Despite the low rating that 21 has received, as well as many movie goers questioning the choice of casting for the film, the movie itself was a huge hit upon its initial release.

It begins with the main character, Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) being accepted into Harvard Medical School. At the time he was attending Massachusettes Institute of Technology, as a math major and a senior in schooling status. It’s a wonderful idea, being accepted into such a prestigious school, but the problem arises when Ben Campbell realizes that he cannot afford the $300,000 tuition. The only hope for the entire bill to be paid in order to attend, is by impressing the one who gives out the Robinson Scholarship.

At his current school, Ben Campbell impresses a professor named Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) with his superior mathematical abilities, and is inevitably invited to be on the teacher’s blackjack team. At first, he declines, but is soon convinced by the female lead named Jill, although he claims that it is to “help pay” for his school of choice.

This leads on to much practice, by playing in Las Vegas. The main character is used by counting cards for his newly found group, and a love triangle between himself, Jill, and Rosa. This newly found gambling life ends up estranging Campbell from his older friends, due to him spending so much time betting in Las Vegas, and he ends up losing a large amount of money along the way. This causes even more chaos in his personal life, since the loss angers his professor. Losing many things along the way, in the end, he ends up winning it back and gets the girl too. The movie ends with Campbell retelling the story to the Harvard director, who he quite obviously impresses with his tale.

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